11 alleged pirates arrive in U.S. for prosecution

Eleven suspected pirates have arrived in the United States to face criminal prosecution for alleged attacks on U.S. Navy ships near Somalia, a federal government source said Friday.

Eleven alleged pirates brought to United States for prosecution

Federal authorities are flying 11 suspected pirates from East Africa to Norfolk, Virginia, to be prosecuted for alleged attacks on U.S. Navy ships near Somalia, according to multiple federal law enforcement sources familiar with the operation.

Report: Piracy incidents down but outlaws’ reach spreads

Piracy incidents are dropping worldwide, but the hijackers are expanding their area of operation, the International Maritime Bureau said in a report issued on Wednesday.

Warships rescue Indian crew from pirates

U.S. and Omani warships have rescued most of the crew of a hijacked Indian ship in the northern Indian Ocean and captured 10 suspected pirates, but other marauders successfully seized a Turkish cargo ship, allied navies reported Wednesday.

Pirates seize South Korean tanker

A South Korean oil tanker has been hijacked by pirates, the European Union Naval Force Somalia said Monday.