Virginia: Three Somalis Plead Guilty In Yacht Hijacking

Three Somali men pleaded guilty on Friday to piracy for their roles in the hijacking of a yacht and the shootings that killed four Americans.

Danish Navy Frees 16 Iranians From Suspected Somali Pirate Ship

After a firefight with suspected Somali pirates, Danish sailors freed 16 Iranian hostages on board an alleged mother ship, according to the Danish Royal Navy.

Op-ed Contributor; Flying The Flag, Fleeing The State

Rose George Op-Ed article charges that maritime lawlessness is not confined to pirates; assails system of open ship registration called ‘flags of convenience’ that allows unscrupulous ship owners to get away with criminal behavior; drawing

Skull And Crossbones As Branding Tool

In the early 1700s, pirates hoisted an instantly effective message to the tops of their masts. The key to its success? Clarity of meaning.