The Pirate Sumter

The South developed a naval strategy that included raiders aimed at disrupting the North’s trading business.

Somalia Frees Six Foreigners After Convictions In Ransom Role

A pardon after convictions connected with bringing millions in cash into a country where pirates and terrorists flourish in the lack of central government.

At Philipsburg Manor, A Pirate Festival, Brawls Included

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Philipsburg Manor will feature a festival of piracy in the mid-18th century.

Westerners Held In Somalia For Delivering Pirate Ransom

Saturday was the first time that any Westerners were sentenced for their role in paying out the ransoms.

After Nearly 10 Months, Hijacked Ship And Crew Are Freed

The Somali pirates who hijacked an Egyptian ship nearly 10 months ago have released it and the crew of 23 after receiving an air-dropped ransom of $2.3 million, officials said Tuesday.