Pirate Picture Books Ahoy!

Four new picture books about [tag]pirate[/tag] brutes and the pleasures of not bathing, brushing your teeth or speaking proper English.

Naval Forces Disrupt Pirate Activity Off Somali Coast

A Combined Maritime Forces warship intercepted a boat thought to be used for [tag]pirate[/tag] activity off the coast of Somalia, the forces’ multi-national counter-piracy task force said Tuesday.

Pirates Seize Tanker Off Somali Coast

Pirates have seized a tanker ship in the Indian Ocean and appear to be taking it to Somalia, the European Union Naval Force Somalia said Monday.

Somali Tied To Militants Held On U.s. Ship For Months

A Somali man accused of ties to two Islamist militant groups was captured by the American military in April and interrogated for months aboard a Navy ship before being sent to New York for a civilian trial.