Ethiopian-flagged vessel thwarts pirate attack

An Ethiopian-flagged vessel fought off a pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden earlier this week, the multi-national anti-piracy task force said Thursday.

Pirates seize North Korean-flagged ship off Somalia

Pirates seized a North Korean-flagged cargo ship Wednesday in the Gulf of Aden, a European Union anti-piracy task force said.

Maersk Alabama suspect charged in two other piracy incidents

A Somali suspect in the hijacking of the U.S.-flagged Maersk Alabama in the Indian Ocean last April has been charged with involvement in two additional hijackings, authorities said Tuesday.

Somali pirates hijack fourth vessel in a week

Pirates off Somalia have hijacked two more vessels in the Gulf of Aden, the European Union naval force said Saturday — the third and fourth vessels they have captured this week.

Somali pirates seize two ships

Somali pirates have seized two vessels, the International Maritime Bureau said Tuesday.

U.S.-bound oil tanker hijacked off Somalia

An oil tanker bound for the United States was hijacked off Somalia with a crew of 28 aboard, maritime authorities said.

Spanish fishing boat repels pirate attack

A Spanish fishing boat repelled an attack by suspected pirates Sunday morning in the Indian Ocean off the African coast, Spain’s ministry of defense said.

How to fend off a pirate attack

Sailors who’ve been hijacked often say they never saw the pirates coming.

Pirates foiled in a second attack on Maersk Alabama cargo ship

A U.S.-flagged ship that played a central role in a bloody hijacking drama last spring was attacked again Wednesday, a busy day for piracy in the dangerous waters off the east coast of Africa.

Spanish PM: Somali pirates free fishermen

All 36 crew members of a Spanish fishing boat hijacked by Somali pirates more than a month ago have been freed along with their vessel, the Spanish prime minister said Tuesday.