Edward “Blackbeard” Teach – Very famous and notorious English pirate who trolled the Caribbean. He was active during the Golden Age of Piracy.

William “Captain” Kidd – Famous privateer who was judged to be a pirate.

Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy – Samuel Bellamy was the captain of the only verified pirate shipwreck ever found, The Whydah Galley.

Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts

Thomas Anstis

George Booth

John Bowen

Black Caesar – One of the only pirates to survive the death of Blackbeard on the pirate ship Queen Anne’s Revenge

Stede Bonnet

Anne Bonny – The most famous woman pirate.

Mary Read– Another famous woman pirate. She was a crew member with Anne Bonny.

Nicholas Brown

Dirk Chivers

John King – John King is youngest pirate ever recorded. He was a crew member of Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy pirate ship.

Daniel ” Montbars The Exterminator” Montbars

Roche Braziliano

Emanuel Wynn

Famous Buccaneers

Francois “Jean-David Nau” l’Olonnais

Henry Morgan – One of the most successful buccaneers.

Famous Privateers

Jean Lafitte – Louisiana privateer from New Orleans.

Sir Francis Drake

George Somer

William Henry “Bully” Hayes

Hippolyte de Bouchard

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