Olivier Levasseur was a pirate and lived from somewhere in the late 1600’s until the summer of 1730. His nickname was La Bus or the Buzzard and he got the name because of the speed. He had an excellent ability to throw himself at enemies before they knew what was coming. The first record of Levasseur is in 1716 when he became a crew member of the Benjamin Hornigold Company. He was recognized as a very good climber and had a ghastly scar over his left eye.

After working together for one year the Hornigold Company broke up and Levasseur headed out to the West African coast. He began to work with pirates such as Howell Davis and Thomas Cocklyn in 1719. In 1720 Levasseur became shipwrecked on an island in the Red Sea. By this time he was forced to wear an eye patch as his left eye was unusable and quite grotesque.

After he got off the island Levasseur began looting ships from Portugal to England. His biggest success was the capture of the Nossa Senhora do Cabo, a Portuguese vessel. It was filled to the brim with gold and Levasseur teamed up with English pirate John Taylor to get the job done.

After years of success Levasseur was hanged for his criminal acts in Bourbon on July 7, 1730. There is a legend that suggests Levasseur left behind a necklace containing clues as to where his treasure was located. The necklace consisted of 12 lines of cryptogram. He threw it into the crowd and challenged anyone to figure out the clues and find the treasure. For decades many people have searched for the treasure as it is estimated to be worth between a few million euros and possibly up to 100 million UK pounds.

The Cryptogram of Olivier Levasseur

The Cryptogram of Olivier Levasseur

Levasseur’s Cryptogram

After a few hundred years a woman by the name of Mrs. Savoy found some documents that described the apparent worth of Levasseur’s treasure and some clues as to its whereabouts. One of the documents contained some coordinates and the other had a suspicious alphabet. When some searching was done near the coordinates two coffins were found of two fallen pirates along with some stone carvings, but no treasure. The cryptogram proved to be a lot more difficult than anyone first imagined it to. All in all the documents confirmed the existence of the treasure but not its location.

Alphabet of Olivier Levasseur

Alphabet of Olivier Levasseur

Some years later a friend of Mrs. Savoy, Reginald Cruise-Wilkins, began studying the cryptogram as well and realized there was a link between some of the symbols. He realized that tasks from the Labors of Hercules must be done in order and that the treasure was in fact buried underground. However the treasure is protected by the tides of the water and must be approached carefully and slowly from the north. He also figured out that a stairwell that was cut into the rocks would lead to the tunnel where the treasure was hidden. In 1970 he began searching the island of Mahe but he did not find anything of solid value. Unfortunately he passed away before he could break the last part of the code.

Olivier’s Alphabet

A comic book was created to ensure that Levasseur’s story remained famous. The series was named Spike and Suzy or Bob and Bobette. The two characters took on an adventure in a story called the Amazing Coconut. In the story Levasseur’s medallion was taken by a bird and the bird then become trapped in the fruit called Coco de Mer. After the fruit was sold in Belgium, Spike and Suzy discovered the medallion and eventually the hidden treasure.

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