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July 2010-August 2010

I am currently updating pages and links. I will be adding more pages soon and a nice section on shipwreck treasure. Come back soon…

5/10/2009 – 5/19/2009

New content will be added very soon. We have been revising the current content and making sure all links are up and working.
New content and further reading added to many of the biography’s.


Complete re-write of the history of the Famous privateer Jean Lafitte. Includes new pictures and information.

Added a page dedicated to the Pirate Code


More complete rewrites done.

Also changed the home page a little.

Add some interesting books and dvds about the Atocha. Scroll to the bottom of the Atocha page to see them.


Bio of John King the youngest pirate ever recorded. Age 11.

Bio of Oliver “The Buzzard” Levasseur

A page about the 1622 Spanish Treasure Fleet

Page about the famous 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet

History of one of the most famous treasure shipwrecks, The Nuestra Senora de Atocha

A page about Spanish Treasure Fleets


Complete revisions of some of the biography’s and new pictures and videos added.


History of the Privateer George Somer

History of the Privateer Magnus Heinason

History of the Privateer William Henry “Bully” Hayes

History of the Privateer Hippolyte de Bouchard


Added a page for the only verified Pirate Shipwreck, The Whydah Galley. Captained by Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy

History of the famous pirate Emanuel Wynn

Page about the Jolly Roger, Pirate flag


New links have been added

Bio of Sir Francis Drake


Pirate biography of Roche Braziliano

History of the Pirate Buccaneer Daniel Montbars

Life and times of a pirate Buccaneer

Biography of the Pirate Buccaneer Fracois l’Olonnais

New article added to News section

Cash For Test Strips